3 Concerts celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation

February 11th / 15th / 18th 2017 at 7pm

Resurgam celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Reformation by offering a glimpse of the cultural landscape created by this seismic event in our history. A mini-series of three concerts explores the musical legacy of the chorales of Martin Luther, in particular in Baroque music directly inspired by and based on them. These hymns were revolutionary in allowing the congregation to participate rather than merely listen; their superbly crafted tunes, together with the theologically rich texts they set, have inspired composers ever since.

The three concerts follow very broadly the shape of the principal Lutheran liturgy, and the church year as it relates to the Christian/human life cycle (birth – life and death – eternity). The centrepiece of every concert is one of the Liedmasses by Georg Philipp Telemann, each based upon a chorale by Martin Luther.

Resurgam: choir and string ensemble
Mark Duley: director / Jörg Jacobi: harpsichord and organ
Israel Golani: theorbo / Sarah Groser: violone / Carina Drury: cello